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To help you through this process, you will be asked to create password which will allow you to update your selections anytime following this first planning session.  When you are ready for us to proceed, simply CALL US so we can see your selections and begin our services. 

AUTHORIZATION BY PHONE IS REQUIRED before we proceed in transferring your loved one into our care.  Decedents who pass away at home or at a nursing facility will be transferred to our funeral home at our earliest convenience AFTER we receive your phone call authorization.  Decedents who pass away at a medical facility will be transferred to our facility during normal business hours after the cremation forms have been completed and full payment has been received.  Please contact us at (909) 425-2920 to authorize the transportation of your loved one and begin these services.  We are available 24 hours/day.



Certain situations may require additional fees to be added to the $917 cremation price.  Here are a few examples:

All Coroner/Medical Examiner offices have a schedule of fees which require payment through the funeral home when they become involved.  There will be an additional charge for decedents weighing over 250 pounds.  An additional mileage rate of $4.00 per mile (calculated by one-way distance) will apply for decedent travel beyond the first 30 miles from place of death to our mortuary (Arrowhead Aftercare, 27007 5th Street, Highland 92346).  When the decedent is transferred from a residence to our facility we must utilize and charge a fee for the use of a second attendant.  We require and charge a fee to respectfully remove all pacemakers prior to cremation.

All applicable Required Fees will be added to your Statement of Goods and Services and charged to your credit card.  Verification of selected services and required fees will be conducted through email and authorized by electronic signatures via Foxit E-Sign.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or need assistance.


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This information is used to complete the death certificate and permit, and to notify Social Security. All provided information must be accurate.

Deceased's Vital Information

Deceased's Spouse/Parental Information

Deceased's Next-of Kin Information


In order to comply with California State Law, we need your help to determine who has the Legal Authority to Control and Authorize Disposition. Therefore, we ask for your cooperation in completing the following steps.

Step 1: Using the following chart, California Health and Safety Code, Sections 7100, 7100.1, please identify all those who have the legal right to control disposition by degrees of Kinship.

Step 2: Declare below (under the penalty of perjury) your degree of legal kinship as it pertains to the above-named decedent. 

Step 3: Declare below (under the penalty of perjury) all other persons who possess the same or superior degree of kinship as yourself. 

I will assume full responsibility if I fail to identify below any person(s) who possess an equal or superior degree of kinship.

DEGREES OF KINSHIP – Right to Control Disposition (*1)

  1. Decedent (**2)
  2. Agent under Military DD Form 93 (***3)
  3. Agent Under Power of Attorney for Health Care
  4. Spouse or Domestic Partner (SRDP)
  5. Child/Children
  6. Parent/Parents
  7. Sibling/Siblings
  8. Grandparents, Grandchildren
  9. Great-Grandchildren, Nephews, Nieces, Uncles, Aunts, Great Grandparents
  10. Grand Nephews, Grand Nieces, First Cousins, Great Uncles, Great Aunts, Great-Great Grandparents
  11. Great-Grand Nephews, Great-Grand Nieces, First Cousins Once Removed, Great- Grand Uncles, Great- Grand Aunts
  12. First Cousins Twice Removed, Second Cousins
  13. First Cousins Thrice Removed, Second Cousins Once Removed
  14. Second Cousins Twice Removed, Third Cousins
  15. Second Cousins Thrice Removed, Third Cousins Once Removed
  16. Third Cousins Twice Removed
  17. Third Cousins Twice Removed
  18. Conservator of the decedent
  19. Conservator of the estate of the decedent

(*1) All persons must be competent and, except for spouses and parents, all persons must be at least 18 years of age. Domestic partners must be registered with the Secretary of California (SRDP).

(**2) Decedent’s wishes must comply with Health and Safety Code Section 7100.1 to be binding.

(***3) Agent under DD Form 93 only has standing if decedent died while on active duty in US Armed Forces. Section 1482(c) of Title 10, US Code, was amended 1/1/2012 to allow any person to be so named on DD Form 93.

Additional Information

Step 7Checkout

Payment & checkout

Please provide all of the information requested below to complete your arrangements. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Thank you for placing your trust in us for your funeral service needs. We understand that making financial decisions after the loss of a loved one can be difficult. We encourage you to ask questions and have an open discussion with your director regarding any questions that you might have so that you can make the best decision for your family.



All authorized persons must complete and electronically sign all mortuary documents provided through Foxit E-Sign and make full payment to the mortuary to authorize these services.  Once we have received all signatures from the rightful parties and full payment has been received and/or conditions for an insurance policy assignment has been confirmed, we will then schedule the cremation and follow through with the prescribed instructions outlined in the authorizing documents.

Please select your choice of payment:

Thank You!

Your funeral arrangements have been received. We will review them and be in contact with you during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.). Documents requiring electronic signature will be sent to the email you provided.

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