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Free Cemetery Space

Receive a No-COST Niche Space Free at Tradition Cemetery

Conditions & Details

 a.       At-Need Only - This No-Cost Niche Space offer is only available on an At-Need basis.  These Niche space properties cannot be reserved or paid in advance of need.

b.     No Fee - There is no fee for the “No-Cost Niche Space Property”. Minimal fees will apply for endowment care, DCA and merchandise.

c.      No Marker Rights - Owner(s) of the Niche Space Interment Rights and the Person(s) with The Authority to Control Disposition, hereby forfeits their rights to place or display a marker on the niche space property.

d.     Other Markers - Other owners of Niche Space Property within the same crypt may be eligible to place their marker directly above your No-Cost Niche Space Property.  These “Other Markers” are allowed to be in a direct alignment with your niche space.

e.      Niche Location - Your No-Cost Niche Space Property may be located under an existing or future “designated walking path”, “sitting bench” or “feature” within the cemetery lawn area.

Tradition Cemetery

Tradition Cemetery has beautiful gardens, trellis covered walkways and an outdoor Pavilion to hold your Memorial Service.  There are plenty of affordable options to choose from for those who wish to secure a permanent space for a loved one's cremated remains.

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